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Perspectives on modern and contemporary Indian art, artists, curators and collectors.
  • Meeting the metaphors

    Having visited the exhibition showcasing Manish Pushkale’s most recent work, in his solo show, Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail at Akar Prakar, one delineates the experience of being in their physical presence. Artist Manish Pushkale at work in his studio 2021 In April during that brief time that the galleries were open and one was able [...] More
  • Art Rises for India – Artothropy at its best

    Saffronart will host a 24-hour online Covid- 19 Relief Fundraiser Auction – ‘Art Rises for India’ on 19-20 May 2021, with over 100 artworks donated by the Indian art community. In view of the raging Covid-19 epidemic affecting India and the world at large, this is a timely initiative wherein all proceeds of this no …

  • S. H. Raza’s 99th Birth Anniversary Special: Reena Lath in conversation with Ashok Vajpeyi

    Today, we celebrate the 99th birth anniversary of S. H. Raza. In this conversation, Akar Prakar Director Reena Lath talks to Ashok Vajpeyi, Managing Trustee, Raza Foundation, about his relationship with S. H. Raza and the various influences on the master’s art, including music, dance and poetry. “In his way of thinking, colours were not …

  • Ashok Vajpeyi on S. H. Raza’s ‘Kundalini’

    In this video, Ashok Vajpeyi, the Managing Trustee of Raza Foundation and a close aide of the late master, talks about one of the most famous works by S. H. Raza, Kundalini. S. H. Raza: Dance of the Elements in collaboration with The Raza Foundation, with text by the poet, translator, curator and author Ranjit …

  • Sculptures by Sarbari Roy Choudhury – Exhibition Walkthrough with Reena Lath

    Exhibition Walkthrough with Reena Lath, Director, Akar Prakar Sarbari Roy Choudhury’s strength lies not in shaking up our conception of art or sculpture, but in carrying its known possibilities to a level of perfection and subtlety so rare that it assumes an aura of uniqueness. This makes him stand out not only among his contemporaries, …

  • artVarta Publishing Grant 2021: Song of the River – Curating Music, Memory and Modernity

    Scanning across 8,000 hours of digitized Hindustani music at the Archive of North India Classical Music, Jadavpur University, the artVarta project proposes to curate an online exhibition where audio artifacts bearing the palimpsestic historicity of the ‘Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb’ will be presented with all its interconnections through songs of the river, namely the representative Thumri, Dadra, Ghato, Sawan, Jhoola, Kajri and more, with the river as the subject, and sung by women artists of the early and middle twentieth century.

  • artVarta Research Grant 2021: Readers Write : Translating the Modern Art debate in ‘Kumar’

    Trained as a visual artist with a practice involving illustrating for children’s books and magazines, I pursued my Ph.D. thesis on the images of (and for) children in Gujarati print material from the early 20th century. It was during the course of this research that I first came across Kumar, a monthly cultural Gujarati periodical started in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 1924.

  • Autumn 2020 Up Close: Akar Prakar (Asia Week New York)

    Reena Lath presents works by prominent Indian contemporary artist Jayashree Chakravarty.

  • Perspectives on Indian contemporary art: Ganesh Pyne – Dr. Mukund Lath on Ganesh Pyne

    In this freewheeling conversation, Dr. Mukund Lath, along with Dr. Prakash Kejriwal and Pranabranjan Ray, talks about viewing Ganesh Pyne’s work at a triennale in Delhi during the 1960s. “It had a beautiful blend of modernism and ethnicity,” he adds, while fondly recalling his earliest meetings with the great master in Kolkata, especially his visits …

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