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  • Somnath Hore: Wounds

    Somnath Hore  Wounds: An Exploration   Publisher: Art1st in collaboration with Akar Prakar The Series Conceptualizer: Ritu Khoda Writer: Likla Illustrator Kripa who worked with Designer and artist Shambhavi Thakur  Research and images sourced from Akar Prakar, that are also co-publishers with Art1st publication.  The idea of the wound is universal and any child who has …

  • Through the Eyes of the Curator

    In the second installment on sculptor Meera Mukherjee, the co-curator Dr. Georg Lechner writes to us about his experience of putting up the show in 2012 and his memories of Meera as an artist. Dr. Lechner also co organised Meera’s show in Mumbai held at Jehangir Art Gallery in 1983, under the aegis of the …

  • In the Hands of a Woman

    Remembering artist-sculptor Meera Mukherjee Georgina Maddox  What does it feel like to be an Asian woman sculptor at a time when the pedestal was dominated by the male vision and the male voice? In the first part of this essay we are dedicating a brief introduction to Meera’s work, the exhibition and an overview of …

  • Meeting the metaphors

    Having visited the exhibition showcasing Manish Pushkale’s most recent work, in his solo show, Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail at Akar Prakar, one delineates the experience of being in their physical presence. Artist Manish Pushkale at work in his studio 2021 In April during that brief time that the galleries were open and one was able [...] More
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