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  • Dharmendra Prasad: In search of Borderless Utopia

    Dharmendra Prasad’s new mixed-media installation, spread over the wall and floor, resembles an agrarian setting as the Assam-based artist uses large amounts of crop residue in his work. Books are scattered all over the installation. A video monitor, showing an agricultural field, is placed inside a box, which is also covered in crop residue. At …

  • Sentinels of Belonging – Tales from Our Lands

    The recent group show A-PART: Stories of Lands and Lines at Akar Prakar Contemporary, New Delhi showcases the works of eight artists from the North East India including the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim and Tripura. Curated by the Pranamita B and Vikash N Kumar of the Zero Gravity Collective, the show comprises of the …

  • Un | Metalwork | 16 x 16 x 12" | 2017

    Noah’s Ark – Exploring an Allegory of Home

    As one enters the black and white spaces where Prithpal S Ladi’s work is being shown – one is struck with an overwhelming sensation of unfamiliarity. Even as an art-enthusiast who has followed up on his work earlier, ‘Noah’s Ark’ destabilizes one’s familiar ideas – of abode, of home, of the outside. Born in Shillong, …

  • Natasha Ginwala in conversation with Ganesh Haloi 

    A seven part video series of Natasha Ginwala in conversation with the distinguished and most admired Ganesh Haloi: visual artist, curator and author.

  • Piyali Sadhukhan on women, motifs and instruments

    Is there a common thread connecting this show to your previous work or did it just occur to you at some point? I have worked 8 months for this show. Over these months the medium has transformed, images have altered, thoughts have evolved. If I think about a thread or a beginning, then it travels …

  • Lost Letters

    Looking back at the history of postcards in India, it was in the interest of the East India Company, that the postal services was established in the 18th century. Post offices were branched in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata between 1764 and 1766. The posts were made available to the people in 1774. The development of …

  • A LINE IS A LINE IS A LINE- Recent works by Francis Limerat

    Reciting an anecdote that played a significant role in the cultivation of his artistic ideas, artist Francis Limerat recalls his initial visit to the Cyclades, an island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. What led to the core ideas of the artist’s current themes were the variations found in the re- sketches …

  • Announcing the Art Dubai Ensemble

    The Santiniketan artists redefined modernism by choosing another path, away from both the internationalist approach as well as the traditionalist approach. Santiniketan came to be known as a centre of knowledge in India visited by distinguished artists of the time. Foreign influences, reform movements and the advancement of technology brought about an acceptance involving different …

  • Discussing the Context of Khelna Bati with Artist Swarup Dutta

    There was a lot of controversy surrounding a certain music video by Miley Cyrus. One of your works from the Khelna Bati series reminds me about the video. What were you looking at in the series? So we were looking at the relationship we share with objects in this series.  Even when the scale of …

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