About Us


A variety of forms—Akar Prakar, the name resonates with its very intent. Celebrating a diverse spectrum of forms, colours, spaces, and nature of its creations and subjects, the gallery as we know it today was started as a fledgling furniture space in Jaipur way back in 1981. It dabbled in furniture designing, retail and manufacturing, as well as found its identity as a creative and cultural space in this city in the western fringe of India. At that time it was being supervised by Mrs. Neerja Lath, who also happened to be the head of the Rajasthan Chapter of Spic Macay therefore attracting a fair number of young students and volunteers to the concern.

In 1992, the art gallery took roots amidst the already flourishing furniture space. It was the beginning of something that was going to redefine the notions of art and modernity in the days to come. From 1992 to 1996, these four long years saw the rise and development of an association between Akar Prakar and other metro city based art galleries both in the capital as well as elsewhere. Showcasing some peerless works of Modern Indian and Contemporary Artists in India, the efforts soon gained considerable momentum and culminated into its first major, independent exhibition in 1996 of a series of 10-12 ‘Media Specific’ shows, comprising watercolour, mixed media as well as sculptures from Mukund Lath’s private collection. Under the astute supervision of Reena and Abhijit Lath, who brought to it, almost three generations of art insight, this series of Media Specific shows, were strictly meant for generating, sustaining and developing a cultural interest and creating a considerable space for creative art, so as to say, in Jaipur and its surrounding areas. These were ‘not for sale’ shows.

The Lath Sarvoday Trust partnered these Media Specific shows by way of sponsoring the invitations, CD’s and other infrastructural and organisational expenses.

The Akar Prakar Gallery at P-238, Hindusthan Park, stands amidst a quaint open green space, where art aficionados can relish Art in true, natural light and not just be constrained to the restrictive space of the whiter cube. Reena and Abhijit Lath bring to it three generations of art insight. It has supported fledging artists and has featured several seniors. The gallery is open to all medium of expression, without restricting itself to only paintings. Therefore, hosting sculpture shows, installations, photography & prints expositions too. Akar Prakar strives to make a difference in its projection of contemporary Indian art, not only through its many shows but also through its catalogues, art journals and books on important artists and of late, is realizing the necessity of going beyond the frontiers of the country and cooperating with kindred organizations, to showcase works of significant artists from India.